Kitchen Planning Guide

You're finally ready for the kitchen you have always dreamed about.  But wait—before you rush out and purchase appliances, answering the following questions about the space and the way you work, can prevent costly mistakes and increase your productivity.  This planning guide will help you analyze your space requirements/limitations, “style” of work, appliance configurations and related issues in order to design an ergonomically-sound and productive kitchen work space suited to your specific needs..

»  Your Kitchen - The Room:

What are the exact dimensions of the room?  Are you moving walls or adding pony walls for separation of other rooms?

Where are the windows located?  How high are they off the ground?  Will you replace them?  What type of trim and/or window treatment will you use?

Where are the electrical outlets located?  Are there enough?  Is the power sufficient for your appliances?

Where is the plumbing located?  Will this be sufficient? Or are there additional appliances that require plumbing (dishwasher, vegetable sink, ice maker in refrigerator, cappuccino machine)?

Where are the telephone outlets?  Will you need to add lines for a fax modem and internet hook-up (for kitchen office space)?

Will you need cable hook-ups for a kitchen TV?

What kind of lighting exists in the kitchen?  What type of light will you need (under upper cabinets, inside glass door cabinets, can lighting, florescent grid)?

Are there any available closets or pantry areas that can be used to maximize cabinet space?

»  How do You currently work?

Do you prefer to spread out or do you work compactly (think of the working triangle – distances from refrigerator to sink to stove)?

Do you cook for large groups and need double ovens, warming drawers, or storage for large serving platters?

Will your work surface require a special material (marble for rolling dough or butcher block)?

Where will you want to locate appliances and shelving in order to minimize excessive movement?  How often will you need to access each item?

Will you require a lot of drawer space?  Which supplies will you be using regularly (silverware drawers with inserts, wider drawers for placemats, deep drawers for pots & pans)?

How many people will be working in this space?  Will you need a second vegetable sink?

Do you have storage considerations for Costco items, bulk rice or flour, bread storage?

Do you have recycling needs?

»  Other Important Considerations!

Do you prefer any particular materials such as wood (type, stain, color), door style (shaker, contemporary, raised panel), paint?

What type of counter tops are you considering (plastic laminate, tile, marble, Corian, granite) and what is there thickness?

What type of flooring (hardwood, linoleum, tile or stone) and what is that thickness?

What type of appliances do you have that you will keep and what are there cut out sizes and hook-up locations?

(Note:  When measuring the depth of your appliances, include the depth of any electrical and gas hookups as they can add several inches) 

Be sure to have new appliance specifications faxed to us directly from your appliance retailer (for specific electric, gas and water locations and cabinet cut out specifications).

Also supply us with any decorator panel sizes for appliances, if applicable.